The One Magic Trick For a Better Mix

Mixing is a complex subject and it’s one that involves a lot of techniques and practices. Today, I’m going to share with you one of the most important parts of mixing that will give you a better mix instantly.

The Magic Trick:

Bounce to Audio

When you finish composing a new song, whether it’s recorded in audio form, made with midi or using both, bounce your final tracks down to audio. Audio is not only a lot more stable than midi but it also makes you commit to your decisions. By working with audio you know that the audio is what you have to work with and you won’t waste time trying to change midi parts mid way through a mix.

Mix Preparation

Once you have your tracks bounced to audio, start a new fresh project and call it “song name – mix 1” or something along those lines. Now import those bounced audio tracks into the new project. Do all your standard mix preparation(naming tracks, coloring tracks etc…) and once that is complete, give your track a few listens. This time though, try to make notes about the sections in your track. For example, a epic trailer track using consists of 3 layers of intensity. You have the beginning which is a little more simple, the middle where it’s more energetic and the end where you throw everything plus the kitchen sink at it! If you can, use markers in your DAW to label all these changes. Once you have that, put all your faders down.

Avoid a Simple Danger

Before I continue, I’d like to explain something real quick. When you watch YouTube videos of pro mixers in the studio doing all these crazy techniques, you may sometimes see someone just balance a mix without putting their faders all the way down but rather moving faders up and down as they go with every instrument in the mix still playing also convert that mp3 using mp3 to midi converter web app. I’d really like to emphasize that these mix engineers have so many years of experience that their ears may have adapted to hear things this way. For the most of us, this isn’t the best way to approach mixing because it’s not the most “objective” way, meaning you can easily get lost. Try to take these videos with a pinch of salt, it’s great to watch and learn from pro’s but try not to just copy what they are doing and apply it to your mixes, what they are doing comes from evolved experience and knowledge and is heavily dependent on the music they are mixing.

Beginning a Balance

Ok, back to the task at hand! Now that you have your faders down, from your notes, start with the most important section(typically the end) and the most important instrument in that section. I usually like to start with the rhythmic instruments(drums, percussion, bass, synth arps etc…). Once you’ve found the most important instrument, slowly bring up the fader until your at a comfortable level on your monitoring system. Make sure this level is not clipping at all and bare in mind other instruments need to play at the same time, increasing the overall level so don’t go too hot. I think a good start point to aim for, depending on the source material is -12db to -6db, this gives you some head room.

Once you’ve found your fader level, go ahead and move on to the next important instrument. This time though, as you bring the fader up slowly, ask yourself “does this sound balanced?” in comparison to your last instrument. When your reach a level you can answer yes to, set the fader level here. Repeat this for all your instruments in order of importance. Once that section is done, move on to the next section and repeat the same process until all your sections of your track are complete, always asking yourself “does this sound balanced?”.

The Comparison

Once you’re finished, go back and compare this to your track before you balanced everything out. If done correctly you should be quite amazed at the clarity this has added to your track. Remember — balance is the most important task of mixing.


Balance is first and foremost the most important job of mixing. Using audio helps you keep a stable and effective workflow when mixing. Making notes from your track about sections and instrument importance gives you an idea of where to start the balance. Building your balance by introducing one instrument at a time gives you an objective and makes it easier to hear if something is balanced. By doing this technique, it will set a raw foundation for your track giving you a better mix instantly.…

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3 Simple Ways to Get More Organized

If you’re like me, you may have struggled to get a grasp on organization. Today I’d like to share some helpful tips that can get you more organized.

Plan Daily or Weekly

I know, I know it’s boring right? but I can’t emphasize how important this is, it has helped me so much achieve the things I want to daily and weekly. Without putting some effort into planning, you have no guidelines and if you have no guidelines, you’ll always be disappointed with your decisions.

Imagine your mind being the biggest baddest maze there is, and you know there is several paths you can take but only some will lead to success, while others lead to dead ends. If you had a map for this maze, you would know what to do and which direction to take — in other words you know where and what you should spend your time on in order to feel satisfied with your life overall.

I prefer to plan weekly on the same time and day every week, I set some time alone to plan out my next week. What works for you may be different, you may prefer planning the next day just before you sleep, or before you begin work. Either way, make a list of everything you either want to achieve daily or in that week and try to fit this into your routine. Your bound to see some results soon.

Wake up Early

For most of my life, I’ve very much been a night owl and sometimes way too much of a night owl. I now like to wake up at 05:00am every morning with some exercise. I’ll tell you one simple trick that is going to shift the night owl issue so you can get up early and that is — go to sleep early. Now you may be thinking that is pretty obvious but when I say early, I really mean when you get tired. A lot of times we may be sitting at our PC or doing something that is straining the mind before we try to sleep and then when we try to sleep, the mind can’t shut down and starts thinking of awesome ideas that makes you want to get back up again.

So how do we fix that? the answer is to have a wind down time. I like to stop everything I’m doing on the computer at 10:00pm and on some days the latest of 10:30pm. I then just take time to relax and chill out, wash of the events of the day or whatever. By doing this in routine, your effectively telling the mind “I’m done with today now”, this signals time for sleep. Now, the reason I chose this time is because it’s where I felt tired on a normal day to day basis. Choose a time when you feel tired, don’t try to push through it and go to bed later as that would be counter-productive.

Avoid the Just 1 More Minute Mindset

You know what I’m talking about — “Just one more minute I can finish doing this and then I’ll do that”. If you do plan daily or weekly, stick to that plan. The time and the decisions you made for that plan are going to get you the results you want. If you do choose to carry on for just one minute, that minute turns to 5, then 10, then 30 and before you know it an hour may have passed. This will put you back into a position of not being satisfied with your decisions or what you have achieved leading you to think your plan isn’t working, it is but your just not following it right.

Have some discipline to say no, this is what I need to do, I’ve had my time on this task and it was as much time as I told myself I’d give it. This will help you feel like you have more time in the day and that you are more organized.

Lastly, though it doesn’t have much to do with organization, it is important to your plan. Take time to reflect each week on the things that you have achieved and why your happy about them. Then, reflect on the things that didn’t work and ask yourself why they didn’t work, learn from them. It’s important to recognize your rises and your pitfalls for use in the future.

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5 Ways to Boost Inspiration & Creativity

When I finished cleaning my work space the other day, I sat down to begin work and noticed everything just seemed to feel more inspiring. I’d like to share with you today how you can achieve more creativity and boost inspiration by following some simple routines.

The Importance of Arranging and Re-arranging:

Having the right arrangement is essential for feeling more inspired when you sit down to work. In my current work room, I have re-arranged the furniture and equipment quite a few times. There is something about when you re-arrange that makes everything feel new, refreshed and organized — this in return leads to more creativity and inspiration. Consider your own work environment, just step back and take a look at it and ask yourself if you like the setup, do you find it inspiring? if not, maybe re-arranging will be the key to getting back some inspiration.

Surround Yourself with Objects That Inspire You:

What comes to mind when you think “What inspires me?”, it could be family, friends, certain music equipment, paintings etc. I personally like to have my music equipment out and ready, guitars on the wall beside me, my notepad ready for taking notes, light up some candles & a cup of tea. What inspires you maybe completely different to me, surround your work environment with those things and you’re sure to see a new look on things.

Keep the Technical Side Up to Date:

If you use a computer primarily for your work, try not to have things like pictures, lost audio files, random text documents and folders called “new this” and “new that” all over the place. This will only make your work harder every single day. Instead, try using folder names appropriately, for example, I have one folder called “Work” and inside work, I have folders for “Music”, “Business”, “Time Management” and inside those folders are several more folders. This keeps every single thing related to my work contained in one folder. By doing that, I know whenever I need to find something related to work, it’s in this folder and whenever I need something not related to work, It’s somewhere else.


Knowing exactly where things are, be it mic equipment, guitar cables, notes etc. is a real time saver. Nothing makes you lose inspiration quicker than knowing you need “x” but you don’t know where the hell “x” is. Wasting time looking for “x” is a sure way to lose motivation, and maybe even procrastinate. Keep things organized through your week, which leads me to my final point..


While not always the most fun job in the world, maintaining your work space does a lot for you in the long run. Every week, I write in my schedule to do some maintenance on my work space. Try to find regular time to dust off your desk and equipment, to put away those wires you left out when you were recording last week, to organize and put away those notes you made and maybe throw out what you don’t need. Whatever your maintenance may be, try to find the time every now and again — remember, a tidy work space is a productive work space.

So there you have it, those are some quick ways to re-gain creativity and boost inspiration. Head over to my social sites for updates about future tips.

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What You Need to Know About AudioJungle

Today I’m going to share with you my experience using royalty free music site Audiojungle. The following will show you some good and also some not so good things you encounter when using Audiojungle.

What Exactly Does Royalty Free Music Mean?

First of all, it doesn’t mean free music for those who don’t know. Royalty free music is where the customer or client pays a fixed price for your music depending on their uses and doesn’t have to worry about paying you royalties in return for using it. Now that we got that straight, lets take a look at some of the good vs the bad when using Audiojungle.

The Good:

1. There are a lot of customers/clients who come to Audiojungle, some of which make popular videos giving you promotion in return.

I’ve had a couple of top tier licenses purchased for my music, one of those highlights was seeing a Australian motocross champion(Joel Brown) jump over a flying airplane. This video on YouTube was then featured on Australian news channels. This was a great addition to my portfolio to send to potential clients so they can see my work in action, it was quick and edited well.

2. It gives you a constant income.

While it takes time to build up your Audiojungle portfolio in order to successfully earn a constant income, when you have, you pretty much always earn at least the minimum for you to withdraw your money every month. This is quite an inspiring thought because I have personally gone without upload to Audiojungle for months in a row but still earned over a $100 from my old portfolio items. Now imagine, if you were uploading there regularly and consistently, you could easily earn a good few hundred from just royalty free music.

3. The exclusive shares go up as you earn more.

When you start at Audiojungle, you’ll be presented with the option to choose exclusive or non-exclusive, this means you can sell your items only on Audiojungle or upload them to other sites to sell aswell as Audiojungle. I chose exclusive because it states that as you earn more money, you percentage you receive on sales goes up, this can be all the way up to 70%. It starts at 50/50 which is decent as non-exclusive is a mere 33%. Audiojungle also has the largest market so your efforts are best used on there than several marketplaces at one time.

4. It’s easy to get featured author of the week.

I think it took me about 2 months to get featured author on Audiojungle. I actually couldn’t believe it when I saw it so soon! What I believe this was down to was that I didn’t expect to get featured and I was also consistent with very frequent uploads. This was a nice experience to have, and it really felt like the Audiojungle team took notice to hard work.

5. The community is great.

Audiojungle’s community is very active and friendly. This is great when you need advice about a track or how to do something on the site. Mentioning my last point, when i got featured, i posted to the forums saying I got featured and a lot of people responded with kind words. When you have a question for the community or want to interact in some way, your guaranteed a response.

The Bad:

1. You can’t upload your non-watermarked music anywhere else.

To be completely honest, this is one of the worst things about Audiojungle and it really lets it down for me. I know their intentions are good in that they want to help you protect the music from being downloaded or used illegally but it really limits your forms of promotion and I think this should be the artists choice, not the Audiojungle team. Nobody wants to sit and listen to a song your promoting for sale with a Audiojungle watermark every 10 seconds, severely limiting your audience.

I didn’t know this initially, I was growing my portfolio on Audiojungle and uploaded my tracks to Soundcloud when one of my tracks got soft rejected with a reviewer saying that I should remove the non-watermarked song from Soundcloud if I want it to be on Audiojungle and then re-upload the watermarked version to Soundcloud. I understand the reasoning behind this, however, nobody is going to follow someone only uploading watermarked music. In fact, I’ve had comments and messages that read something like “you’re selling out” or “I’d love to listen to your amazing music but I can’t stand that watermark so I unfollowed you” this is just a perfect example of the damage this does to your promotion and reputation.

2. The reviewers are a little strict.

If you’ve ever read the Audiojungle forums out of interest, you may have realized a bunch of posts with a title being something like “Rejected AGAIN, why?!”, here is my personal experience with this matter.

Yes they are a little strict but in some ways it has helped. My first track I ever uploaded I thought was just amazing and it would definitely get on there, I was wrong and the reviewer was right to reject it. My track was drowned in reverb and was at a serious loss of clarity. This did help me grow and since then I have only been rejected maybe 3 times in several months.I used to have this tool called soundcloud downloader back then to rip tracks from

My biggest tip for this is to make sure what you are uploading meets 2 simple requirements and those are to make sure the track has enough commercial value, what I mean by this is make sure the track can be used very easily for it’s target audience. The second thing is to make sure that what you are uploading is of high quality, make sure the music is mixed well and has clarity.

3. The contact service can take a bit too long.

There will obviously be times to contact Audiojungle for various reasons, and you do that by a ticket. Envato in general have a lot to keep track of, meaning that it can be quite a while before you receive a reply and sometimes that reply doesn’t really solve the issue, so you need to send another one and wait again. The best thing you can do is send a support ticket but then also check the forums to see if anyone else has had the same issue and you can resolve it on your own.

4. The pricing is a bit low.

I’ve never been a huge fan of their pricing options but I try to think of it as when more people buy your track, the low numbers don’t matter. When a composer licenses his track for use in a trailer for example, prices would not be as low as $200. On Audiojungle, I believe you earn somewhere near that if someone buys the highest license. I find this is balanced out by more people still buying your item and the fact the highest tier license doesn’t “buy out” your track so other people can’t buy it. Overall, it’s not the biggest concern, it just is what it is.


Audiojungle is great site to get going and earn some money fast, how much you earn is heavily dependent on your consistency. The exclusive author shares offer is a welcome one that makes you strive to sell more in order to earn more. Sometimes your music can be used in bigger projects giving you more to add to your portfolio. Yeah, the reviewers may be a little strict and pricing may seem a little low but you can learn how these work and how to deal with it.…

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